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Picture of a ZF Gemmer GD28a steering wheel before and after the restauration.


What did you do with it?
MF 2725
@wilko-hoogeveen Lijkt veel op het stuur van de MF 2000 serie. Mijn stuur heb ik ook los gehad om een x goed schoon maken.
@MF 2725 I think it is the steering wheel from his 326
@MF 2725 @wilko-hoogeveen It is the steering wheel for my D-326. It was actually the steering wheel of a Güldner G25. Unfortunately, the original one of my D-326 could not be saved. It was too damaged. But since the tractors have the same steering gear (ZF Gemmer GD28a) I bought a used one (picture left) and worked it up (picture right).
First I removed the steering knob to lightly sand it down. After that I cleaned it. Then I painted it in black and covered it with several layers of clearcoat for alloy wheels. So the plastic and the paint is protected against the sweat of the hands.
Of course, I could have left the replica from Delegro mounted, but I wanted my tractor to be as original as possible.
@otto-normalverbraucher wow really nice job, looks like brand new!!
Really nice job, schön gemacht!

Did you also had to fill up the damaged part, where the steering knob has been mounted?
@hooidonk Thanks 😄 Fortunately, the part was not damaged, as the farmer who has mounted the steering wheel knob did not use the original short screws that cause deep notches in the steering wheel but longer ones. So there were only small dents at this point. That's why I did not use 2-component putty and just painted it.
You can see the small dents in the upper left part of the steering wheel:
Yes, I see them, but they don't bother indeed.
You were lucky he used the longer screws!

Was this the last part of the restauration of your very nice McCormick?
Or are there still things on your wishing-list?
@hooidonk Yes, I was lucky. It saved me the work with the Dremel and the putty.
I have decided to leave it that way, because if you want to fill up the dents, you have to remove the plastic ring-shaped to the metal core and reform it from putty. The dents were not worth it to me, and as you said, it doesn't bother.

There is actually one thing on the to-do-list:
The oil filter: I have already bought a used oil filter flange from the IHC 323. This fits plug and play to the D-326 (same engine DD-111), but it uses disposable cartridges and they have a better cleaning effect to the oil.

Maybe I will restore a IH sickle bar mower and install it in the future. Or a Fritzmeier M210. Or maybe both 😬

Ah, and by the way I changed something after the fotos above: I restored a original horn button from the 60s and installed it.

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